Plans coming together for Communities in Bloom this summer in Moosomin

June 17, 2024, 10:31 am
Ashley Bochek

Kids whose families stay at the regional park planted flowers of their own at the newly added flower gardens, and will be responsible for taking care of them throughout summer to help contribute to the park’s beautification.

Last year, the Town of Moosomin, Moosomin Regional Park and Pipestone Hills Golf Club came in first place in the province and received four blooms in Communities in Bloom, and will be hosting two judges for the competition again this year.

This year’s goal is to reach five blooms to go on to compete nationally.

Jasmine Davidson, the organizer of Communities in Bloom in Moosomin, says the committee is excited and have many ideas to get the community involved this year.

Davidson says there are two judges touring Moosomin this July, and one of them a returning judge from last year.

“Kathy Joyner and Cheryl Harmsworth will be judging Moosomin this year. Kathy toured Moosomin last summer too. We don’t know yet when they will be coming to Moosomin, but we will be in contact with them soon because we will need to pick a date together. Last year they visited Moosomin in the middle of July.”

Davidson explains there are six categories Moosomin will be judged on by Communities in Bloom officials.

“The whole community is important for the judges to see. There are six categories they will be judging on such as community appearance, landscape, plant and floral displays, heritage conservation, and environmental action.”

Judges commented last year on the few signs around town, Davidson says they’re taking those comments into consideration for this year.

“The signage was huge. That was the biggest thing they had mentioned last year. We have been working on it and trying to make sure we put some up around town.”

Davidson says she will be in contact with the judges.“Hopefully the judges will be here for two days again. We do still have to discuss that with them, but it worked great last year so hopefully we can do that again with them.

“It will be a similar tour as last year for the judges just with a few new spots at local businesses.”

Davidson says they hope to see everyone get into the spirit and freshen up their properties to make a good impression on the judges.

“We would love to see the community present their yards and businesses as clean and appealing as possible. We’d love to see everyone be involved in community events and showing their support,” she said.

She says they could always use more volunteers to help with the event.

“Volunteers are always welcome. It is a lot of work organizing and prepping, so we can always find them something to do to help.”

Davidson says the community clean-up was a great start to getting the town ready for Communities in Bloom.

“I think the community clean-up made a difference. Anything helps and it was good to see everyone around helping in the community.”

Davidson is giving out sunflower seeds to businesses to participate in a sunflower growing contest.

“There are quite a few businesses involved in our sunflower growing contest. I think there will be some more, but we have a good start.

“Anyone can pick seeds up from the Town Office to participate.”

She says the most important thing to make this event a success is community engagement.

“The absolutely most important thing anyone can do in Moosomin for Communities in Bloom is appreciate the community and take pride in helping make it beautiful for the judges and for all of us to live in a clean community.”