Moosomin competing in Communities in Bloom for the second year

May 23, 2024, 2:14 pm
Joey Light

Flowers planted around Moosomin for the 2023 Communities in Bloom competition. This year’s theme color is orange.

Moosomin did well in Communities in Bloom last year, earning four blooms, and the organizing committee is gearing up for this year’s competition.

Jasmine Davidson, Co-ordinator for Communities in Bloom, says she is very excited for this year.

“A lot of planning goes into this and I like getting to manage and use my creative side, which this job allows me to do,” she says. “I am very proud to call Moosomin my home, so it’s very rewarding for me to get to promote and market Moosomin in a unique way to bring more people and show them what we have to offer.”

She said there is a lot involved in Communities in Bloom.

“Communities in Bloom is way more than just planting flowers, it’s about bringing the community together and getting everyone involved with their communities. There are actually six categories we get judged on—community appearance, environmental action, heritage conservation, tree management, plant and floral displays.”

Community involvement
She said the committee is looking at lots of options to get people involved.

“Communities in Bloom is putting on our first ever Communities in Bloom car show and farmers market on June 14, and we hope that gets more people from Moosomin and other areas interested.

“One of our main focuses this year is community involvement. We are planning a lot of stuff to get people wanting to be involved, like the mini contests we had last year like best yard, best garden, and best campsite. We are hoping more students want to be involved. We just did a presentation at MacLeod Elementary for grades three to five just spreading the word about why it’s important, because the kids are our future. We have the Environmental Science classes at McNaughton High School who volunteer to help with stuff like cleaning up Moosomin Lake.”

She said she’s excited for this year.

“There is always opportunity to learn, I’ve lived here my whole life and I didn’t know a lot of the history of Moosomin and this job allows me to learn so many new things. My favorite part last year was when the judges came and getting to show them around. They were pretty impressed with Moosomin. The only thing they could really think of to give us advice on was lack of signage, which is something we can improve this year. I have lots of ideas for this year and I’m very excited to see them come to life. I actually have my own Facebook page for Communities in Bloom now, so we hope that will inform more people.”

Angela Thorn with the Moosomin Rec Department says Jasmine puts in tons of work for the contest.

“I’m going off everything she had from last year and she had everything laid out in a nice book, she had to plan all the stops and prepare to take the judges around. It’s a lot and everything has to run on a timeline. It’s tons of work and planning for her.”

The theme color is orange this year and the organizers are hoping people get behind Communities in Bloom the same way they did last year.

Last year Moosomin won the highest marks in the province, but still has room to improve, as the community earned four blooms from the judges last year, and could potentially win five. If it is awarded five blooms, Moosomin would go on to the national competition.