Moosomin raises mill rate by one mill

May 27, 2024, 11:23 am
Kevin Weedmark


Moosomin town council passed its 2024 budget at Wednesday’s council meeting, increasing the municipal mill rate by one mill to 13.5 mills and leaving the minimum tax on residential buildings at $750.

The tax levy will bring in $4,136,788 in 2024, up from $3,774.982 in 2023. Total revenues for the town are budgeted at $16,299,287, up from $13,347,454 in 2023. The town has budgeted for a small surplus.

The mill rate has ranged between 11.5 mills and 15.5 mills over the last several years. In 2016 the mill rate increased to 15.5 mills, and the minimum tax on residential improvements increased from $250 to $400. In 2020 the mill rate was reduced from 12.5 mills to 12.0 mills due to a downturn in the economy due to Covid-19. In 2021 the mill rate was reduced from 12.0 mills to 11.5 mills, and the minimum tax on residential improvements remained at $750. In 2022 the mill rate was increased from 11.5 mills to 12.5 mills. In 2023 the mill rate remained at 12.5 mills and now is increasing to 13.5 mills, which means about an eight per cent increase in taxes.

There will be a tax discount of five per cent for payment of current municipal taxes by September 30 of this year.

The town will be seeing more funds from the province this year. Provincial Revenue Sharing will see an increase from $672,231 to 769,662.

The Town of Moosomin is partnering with the RM of Moosomin and other municipalities to develop a new 5,300 ft. paved airport runway. The Town made a $100,000 contribution in October 2019, then another $150,000 contribution in October 2023, and will make five annual payments from 2024-2028 in the amount of $135,990 each year, to bring the total contribution to $929,950.

$1 million for streets
The town will spend more than $1 million on street maintenance and improvements.

The town plans to spend $965,000 on curbing and pavement recapping on the 400 Block of Moose Street (between the Canalta and Best Western), on Ogilvie St. from Henry Street to Broadway Ave., on Poplar Street between Broadway and Windover, on Wright Road from Main Street to the Communiplex entrance, to extend the paved parking area at the Communiplex, and to place curbs on Mountain Street from North Front to Park Ave. The town has also budgeted $110,000 for hot mix asphalt spot repairs throughout town, and plans on spending $75,000 for sidewalk upgrades throughout the town.

The town will continue with the pavement crack/slurry sealing program and has again budgeted $40,000 for this street maintenance. The town contracted to have gravel crushed from the town owned gravel pit for $290,000.

Rec improvements
The town will be using the $50,000 bequest from Alex Bruce for various upgrades at the Swimming Pool.

Swimming pool planned upgrades include: nine 10x10 Pergolas for the west deck for shade, adding a wash sink to the barbecue area, replacing the diving board, pool ladders, doors windows, adding Gemstone lights, adding trees on the boulevard on the west side of the pool and purchasing a new spine board.

The Terry Lynd Court outdoor basketball court will be completed near the pool in 2024.

Improvements at Bradley Park include completion of the Fun Zone area including two golf putting greens, chipping bunker, driving nets, chipping nets, beach volleyball, horseshoes and croquet, beginning work on a multi court outdoor pickleball facility, and development of a community “loaner” sports equipment shed.

New equipment
The five-year lease on the 2019 John Deere 544K Loader ended in February 2024, and the town paid out the residual of $145,000 to keep this unit, and then traded-in the older 2010 John Deere 544K Loader as down payment on a new five-year lease of a 2024 CAT930M Loader. The town has already purchased a 16 ft. snow blade for the loader, and then budgeted $140,000 for an outright purchase of a new skid-steer, budgeted $38,000 for a “snow-wing” for the grader, and budgeted $35,500 for a “flex-arm” for the rotary mower, in order to allow the tractor to operate on flat ground vs. operating on the side of the ditch. The town has also placed an order for a new 2025 Peterbilt 567 Tandem Dump Truck, with expected delivery in the fall of 2024, and said the unit will be on a five-year lease.

Policing costs
Under the Protective Services category, the town will be invoiced an estimated $265,500 for the RCMP, and $14,000 for Commissionaire’s to provide Bylaw Enforcement Services.

Landfill costs
Landfill expenses in 2024 include $61,000 for twice annual sampling and reporting of groundwater monitoring wells (piezometers), and $65,000 remaining engineering costs (of a total $105,000 project) to complete a decommission and reclamation engineering plan for the landfill.

Infrastructure work
Infrastructure work in the budget includes:

Replacing the water main on South Front St. from Mountain St. to Ogilvie St.

Replacing the water main in 600 Block of Ogilvie St. Broadway Ave. to South Front St.

Repair of a leaking cell at the lagoon at a cost of $550,000.

Installing new water line under CPR track at Moose Street crossing for $150,000.

Having an engineer complete the project to review elevations and determine how to alleviate storm water drainage problems on the west side of Cook Road.

Water treatment plant
Water Treatment Plant upgrades will continue throughout 2024, with estimated completion by the end of the year, and utility rates will be increased as required at approximately the same time frame. The last utility increase was five years ago, in 2019. The project is currently on-time and within budget, with at an estimated cost of $13,730,475 with the town receiving federal and provincial funding of 73.33% under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Plan. The town took out a $3.5 million loan for the project, with the first of 15 annual payments of $389,862.37, due on October 15.