Moosomin has a chance to be a leader with housing incentive plan

May 27, 2024, 11:26 am
Kevin Weedmark

Keller Developments apartments.

Moosomin town council is about to finalize a housing incentive plan that has the potential to fill in the one remaining piece of the economic development puzzle.

Commercial development has been on a tear over the last few years, but the lack of adequate child care and the lack of housing have prevented the town from reaching its full potential.

One of those issues is being addressed. The province has approved 90 new daycare spots for Moosomin, which will solve the problem of an inadequate number of child care spaces.

The last remaining problem is housing, and the town recognizes the importance of addressing the issue.

Residential development incentives are essential tools for municipalities striving to address housing shortages, stimulate economic growth, and foster community revitalization. These incentives, which can take various forms such as tax breaks, grants, discounts on servicing properties, and zoning changes, offer numerous benefits that extend beyond merely increasing the housing stock. They play a pivotal role in shaping vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive communities.

One of the most significant benefits of residential development incentives is their ability to alleviate housing shortages. In many areas, the demand for housing far exceeds the supply, leading to skyrocketing property prices and rents that can push out middle- and lower-income families. Incentives can encourage developers to undertake projects that might not be financially viable otherwise. By providing financial support and reducing regulatory burdens, municipalities can ensure a more diverse range of housing options.

The town is working on an incentive plan to encourage new housing development, and after hearing the discussion around the incentive plan at several council meetings, I have no doubt the town will be able to finalize something soon and have incentives in place in time for this construction season.

The town has applied for funding to help with the housing issue under a federal program.

The Economic Development Committee and the Community Builders Alliance have made suggestions on how to best structure the incentive program. A
 lot of people have put a lot of work into trying to create a program that will work to bring more housing to Moosomin.

The fact that those groups provided their input and council has discussed the issue at length suggests that the final form the incentive takes will very likely be effective—the more input into a plan the better it generally is.

It will be great to see this program come to fruition, and no doubt like so many areas, Moosomin can be a leader in showing that there is a way to encourage people to build in small communities and solve the housing crisis.

Busy summer ahead
It is going to be a busy summer in the local area. Look at the events coming up just in Moosomin and area over the next few weeks:

Saturday, June 1 will be the town-wide garage sale starting at 9 am, there will be a Petting Zoo at Cobblestone House in the afternoon, and the Sam Burroughs fundraiser will be that night.

Saturday, June 8 will be the Cenotaph Centennial.

Friday, June 14 will be the Communities in Bloom Farmers’ Market and Car Show.

Saturday and Sunday, June 29-30 will be Canada Day weekend events at Moosomin Regional Park, including the Blu Beach Band Saturday night, Odd Man Out Sunday night, scavenger hunts, a sandcastle building competition, pontoon boat rides, a road hockey tournament, beer gardens, and wrapping up with fireworks on the Sunday night.

Friday and Saturday, July 12-13 will be the rodeo weekend, with the town council barbecue on Friday, and the Chamber parade and Bulls and Broncs on Saturday.

Of course there are lots of events in other communities in the area as well. It’s great to see the weekends filling up with so many events—it’s shaping up to be an absolutely amazing summer!